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25 Famous Basque Proverbs & Sayings

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Beautiful Basque Proverbs

  1. It’s better to have a good reputation, than to be rich.

  2. It is useless to hurry, once the water has already gone by.

  3. It’s not useful closing the barn door after the horse has been stolen.

  4. What one owes to one’s mother is never repaid.
    (Meaning – In other words, one can never do enough to repay one’s mother for what she has done.)

  5. Let’s agree to disagree
    (Meaning – Said when one doesn’t want to argue and agrees to disagree. Word play: amen-hemen.)

  6. One may recover a lost sheep, but not lost/wasted time.

  7. The small sheep, always a lamb.
    (Meaning – Naturally, a small sheep is not always a lamb, but people are likely to categorize them that way. They say that small people seem younger than they are.)

  8. A bleating sheep eats no grass.
    (Meaning – You can’t act and talk at the same time. Don’t just complain, take action.)

  9. Working and working at it, iron can be pulverized.

  10. The eagle needs feathers, and the wren does too.
    (Meaning – Despite the differences, all people (or animals) have similar needs.)

  11. A foreign land is a land of wolves.
    (Meaning – This expresses distrust of foreigners and foreign places.)

  12. Time flies when you are among friends.

  13. The priest’s pot is small, but always full.
    (Meaning – Priests don’t go hungry.)

  14. Oh, what a pair, a snail and a slug.
    (Meaning – Said of people who share similar defects or habits, and spend time together.)

  15. The priest’s pot is small but his supper is tasty.
    (Meaning – Better to have something, rather than nothing)

Fantastic Basque Proverbs

  1. A life without friends, means death without company.

  2. With the passing of time, all things are forgotten.

  3. To do nothing or to do useless work is the same thing.

  4. Laziness leads many people astray.

  5. Lazy people are always busy.
    (Meaning – Or so they seem, anyway.)

  6. The lazy person has no work, but has no time for anything else either.

  7. He who doesn’t want to hear unpleasant things, shouldn’t say unpleasant things.
    (Meaning – If you don’t want to hear it, don’t say it.)

  8. A good listener needs few words.
    (Meaning – Said to indicate that one should be able to figure out the message, and that things shouldn’t need to be spelled out fully.)

  9. A promise is a debt, it’s always been said.
    (Meaning – If you promise someone something, you cannot go back on your word.)

  10. A thrifty father begets a squandering son.
    (Meaning – One expects a person’s children to resemble that person, but sometimes the opposite is true.)

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