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32 Meaningful Arabic Proverbs & Sayings

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32 Popular Arabic Proverbs You Have To Read

  1. The Scar Of The Tongue Is Like The Scar Of The Hand.

  2. By His Own Mouth Does The Liar Expose Himself.

  3. The Safety Of A Human Is In The Sweetness Of His Tongue.

  4. The Tongue Of The Ignorant Is The Key To His Death.

  5. The Tongue Of A Person Is The Servant Of His Heart.

  6. If You Are To Hit Then Make It Painful, Because You’ll Get One (The Same) Blame Either Way.

  7. Older Than You By A Day, More Knowledgeable Than You By A Year

  8. A Servant Who Has Two Masters, Lies To One Of Them.

  9. To Each Life A Purpose.

  10. Beware Of The Level-Headed When He Is Angry.

  11. Time Is Like A Sword. If You Do Not Cut It, It Will Cut You.

  12. He Who Swings An Aggressive Sword Will Be Killed By It.

  13. The Sultan’s Sword Is Long.

  14. A Sword Is Most Feared When It Is Out (Of The Sheath).

  15. A Sword Can Be Feared Even If It Is Not Swung.

Most Inspiring Arabic Proverbs

  1. The Courageous Might Cower Without A Weapon.

  2. The Wound Of Words Is Deeper Than The Wound Of Swords.

  3. Two Swords Do Not Fit In One Sheath.

  4. Don’t Eat Your Bread On Someone Else’s Table.

  5. He Doesn’t Drop A Mustard

  6. With The Absence Of Real Men There Is No Use For Swords.

  7. The One Without A Sword Will Be Humiliated.

  8. Only The One Who Breaks The Nut Enjoys It.

  9. Who Eats Fat Gets Bigger

  10. Who Ate The Sultans Raisins Will Pay It Back As A Date

  11. From The Seed Grows The Tree

  12. He’s Like A Potatoes Plant No Steady Roots And No Strong Branches.

  13. For The Sake Of The Flowers, The Weeds Are Watered.

  14. He Left The Party Without Having Hummus.

  15. If Thy Beloved Was Honey, Don’t Lick All Of It.

  16. They Did Not Find A Fault In The Rose, They Said “O! You Are Red Cheeked.”

  17. The Hand Of A Free Man Is A Scale.

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