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37 Famous Armenian Proverbs & Sayings

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Great Armenian Proverbs

  1. What is the connection with Alexander’s moustache?
    (Meaning – This is mentioned after one brings up something completely off-topic in a conversation.)

  2. Whatever you sow, that’s what you’ll reap.
    (Meaning – You’ll receive the consequence of your own actions.)

  3. You are as many a person as the languages you know.
    (Meaning – This proverb is to emphasize the importance of learning multiple languages.)

  4. S/he is making fire under her/his own baghaj [a kind of pastry].
    (Meaning – Even though it may seem otherwise, s/he is bettering the situation for herself/himself.)

  5. If not for your tongue, the crows would have gouged out your eyes.

  6. They make a camel out of a flea.
    (Meaning – They exaggerate a situation/action.)

  7. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    (Meaning – The offspring usually incline to their parents’ habits.)

  8. The sly fox falls in the trap with both legs.
    (Meaning – Being sly/cunning to avoid a problem gets one in double trouble.)

  9. Rice is not cooked with only words.
    (Meaning – Nothing can be done only with words.)

  10. However much fruit a tree bears, it humbles its head that much more.
    (Meaning – The more wisdom one acquires, the more humble s/he becomes.)

  11. [S/he] will take one to the water and bring him/her back thirsty.
    (Meaning – S/he is very cunning pesron.)

  12. Out of laziness, s/he calls to the black donkey “bless me Lord”.
    (Meaning – This proverb emphasizes the laziness of one [This is because an extremely lazy person would not raise her/his head to see who s/he is meeting, and could potentially confuse a black donkey with a priest, who wears black].)

  13. S/he took the taste out of the smell.
    (Meaning – Enough is enough. Or: S/he overdid it.)

Mind Blowing Armenian Proverbs

  1. Uses the bride’s ass to do a favor to the groom.
    (Meaning – Use someone to do a favor to another.)

  2. Whatever the eye sees, the heart won’t forget.

  3. One idiot threw a stone in the well, forty wise people could not get it out.
    (Meaning – Being careless can cause such problems that many a mind cannot solve.)

  4. The back of the neighbor’s bride is red.
    (Meaning – The grass is greener on the other side.)

  5. When the fox can’t reach the grape, he says it’s unripe.
    (Meaning – When one can’t achieve something downplays it.)

  6. Not every piece of wood will become a ladle, nor every mountain Masis (the higher peak of Ararat.)
    (Meaning – Not everyone is capable of achieving the same height.)

  7. S/he sees everyone with one eye.
    (Meaning – S/he sees/treats everyone equally.)

  8. The world agrees in one word, time is golden.

  9. First think, then speak.

  10. She tells the sun: don’t rise, I have come out.
    (Meaning – Used referring to someone’s extreme beauty.)

  11. The sun won’t stay behind the cloud.
    (Meaning – The truth won’t stay hidden and will come out.)

  12. You have taken out the eye of the bazaar.
    (Meaning – You bought the worst stuff in the market.)

  13. Fortune visits only once.
    (Meaning – Don’t miss a good opportunity.)

Best Armenian Proverbs

  1. Lamb in the spring, snow in the winter.
    (Meaning – Everything has its own time. [This is also a tongue-twister])

  2. The river won’t bring a log every time.

  3. If the village stands, it can break a trunk.
    (Meaning – Strength increases in unity.)

  4. The thief stole from the thief, God looked on and got astonished.

  5. Maybe s/he wanted to throw herself/himself in the well, would you follow?
    (Meaning – Don’t follow others blindly.)

  6. When you are asleep, your luck works out for you.
    (Meaning – Used when someone gets lucky when least expected.)

  7. S/he tried to fix the eyebrow, ended up blinding the eye too.
    (Meaning – Used when someone tries to fix something minor, but causes a bigger problem.)

  8. When you grow up you will forget it happened.
    (Meaning – Used in reference for emotional and physical pain(cuts, bumps, worry, concern, etc) in order to comfort the individual from that experience.)

  9. I know many songs, but I cannot sing.
    (Meaning – I know the method something should be done, but I cannot actually do it.)

  10. Measure seven times, cut once.
    (Meaning – Think thoroughly before you act.)

  11. S/he hears it from this ear, and throws it out from the other.
    (Meaning – S/he doesn’t follow advice.)

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