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45 Best Albanian Proverbs & Sayings

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45 Great Albanian Proverbs and Slogans

“Singing is for dinner, grief for lunch.”

“Time is gold; equivalent to the English proverb: Time is money.”

“Where there is smoke, there is a fire.”

“Where there are bees, there is honey.”

“Where there is heart, there are wings.”

“Graze the goat to fill the pot [with milk]”

“Take the mouth to the bread, not the bread to the mouth.”

“Money does not choose the people.”

“Can you live with the heart of a rabbit?”

“He who builds with sweat, defends with blood.”

“Who is lazy today, regrets it later.”

“Even the land can’t dissolve the will.”

“Where mud is sweeter than honey– in reference to Albania.”

“A good [able] farmer takes with force the bread from the earth.”

“A man at home (not working) is like the devil in a mosque.”

“Native son — drop of silver.”

“The Albanian’s oath — like a perch of gold.”

“Every man is king in his own home.”

“What I have in my heart is brought out by the wine.”

“The key that is used does not rust.”

“Laziness is the mother of all bad habits.”

“The door of lazyness is the boundary of misery.”

“The sun shines even when it is cloudy.”

“The truth prevails like oil over water.”

Famous Albanian Proverbs

“Even the water gets stale if it does not flow.”

“Come on dad, let me show you your arable land.”

“The low fig [fruit branch] can be climbed by everyone.”

“The word of the old, and the gun of the young.”

“The child tells what goes on in the house.”

“The day without work, the night without sleep.”

“A woman who doesn’t want to cook takes all day to prepare the ingredients.”

“Stone by stone, makes a wall, wall by wall makes a castle.”

“The snake moves and wipes its tracks with its tail.”

“Each person at his job is a lord.”

“You are judged by the work, not by the clothes (appearance).”

“The more you strike (work) the iron, the more beautiful it becomes.”

“Poor is the man who does not think of old age.”

“The young have strength, the elderly knowledge.”

“The old horse drops the load in the middle of the road.”

“The Ox that refuses to work in the field gets the axe.”

“The hand with mud, the bread with honey.”

“Clean hand, empty stomach.”

“He who has no heart, has no heels either.”

“It is easy to cut the tail of an injured wolf.”

“Do not be alone even in heaven.”

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