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45+ Best Scottish Gaelic Proverbs & Sayings

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Fantastic Scottish Gaelic Proverbs

“With violets and goats’ milk anoint your face, and every king’s son in the world will be after you.”

“Get bait while the tide is out”

“I would know your gift by your graciousness.”

“Listen to the mountain wind, till the streams abate.”
Note : (Waverley: Listen to the wind upon the hill till the waters abate.)

“Where the stream is shallowest, greatest is its noise.”

“Hospitality to the exile, and broken bones to the oppressor”

“Take it like the Bard’s Point.”

“King will get armies, and the world men.”

“All will be reveaed in due course.”
Note : (literally The geese will tell it in autumn.)

“Friendship is as it’s kept.”

“Sweet sings each bird in his own grove.”

“Every straw is a thorn at night”

“Renown is more lasting than life.”

“The child is sadly hurt that doesn’t tell his illness.”

“It’s difficult to draw pure water from a dirty well.”

“Tis the milk of the goat foaming and warm that gave the strength to the past generations of people.”

“A man may force a livelihood, but cannot force fortune.”

“Each draws water to his own mill.”

“A man can sleep on every hurt but his own.”

“Wrong cannot rest, nor ill deed stand.”

“A table without bread is not a table but bread is a table on its own.”

“Fingal’s sword never had to cut twice.”
Note : (literally Fingal’s sword never left remnant of a stroke.)

“It is not the priest’s first story that should be believed.”

“It is not the nodding of heads that does the rowing.”

“All the keys in the land do not hang from one girdle.”

“Every flood will have an ebb.”

“Promises are easy to make.”
Note : (literally Promising and accomplishing isn’t the same.)

Mind Blowing Scottish Gaelic Proverbs

“None but a dog eats his fill.”

“All that’s yellow is not gold, and all white things are not eggs.”


“A great sea comes not through a narrow strait.”

“Youth comprehends not necessity, nor the fool his mischief.”

“As unsteady as an egg on a stick.”

“That put the cat among the pigeons.”
Note : (literally That put the red kite among the hens.)

“It is better to have broken Gaelic than dead Gaelic.”

“The good speech of an ass is better than the bad word of a prophet.”

“I will put a stone on your cairn.”
Note : (ie I will remember you / you won’t be forgotten.)

“The Gael’s rest is on the summit.”

“The warp in the old piece of wood is hard to remove.”

“What’s done in the corner will come to the hearth.”

“When the cup is fullest it is most difficult to carry.”

“One cow breaks the fence, and twelve leap it.”

“One glass, not the better of it and not the worse of it. Two glasses, the better of it and not the worse of it. Three glasses, the worse of it and not the better of it.”

“One glass, not the better and not the worse my body or my soul of it. Two glasses, the better my body of it and not the worse my soul of it. Three glasses, the worse my soul of it and not the better my body of it.”

“Put your hand into the creel, and take your choice of flounders.”

“Long sleep makes hot rowing.”

“It’s a long river whose head can’t be found.”

“Better to hear the evil than see it.”

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