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45+ Popular Spanish Proverbs & Sayings

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Impressive Spanish Proverbs

“Character and presence from the cradle to the tomb.”

“As we were speaking of the King of Rome, look who dropped by!”
Note : Equivalent English expression: “Speak of the Devil (and he’s sure to appear).”

“Even the wisest makes mistakes.”

“Don’t shed your coat until May the 40th.”
Meaning – Since weather changes very quickly in spring, don’t put away your coat. (or) Don’t let yourself be fooled into a sense of safeness, since it may not last.

“There’s birds in the phone line.”
Meaning – There’s people hearing.

“One must save bread for May.”
Meaning – We have to be prepared for anything in the future.

“The tiger’s cub comes out dappled (spotted).”
Note : Equivalent English proverb: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

“The man who is prepared is worth two men.”
Note : English equivalent: Forewarned is forearmed.

“No loans today but tomorrow yes.”
Meaning – Never loan anything now, but always propose on the never-arriving tomorrow.

“Impossible only exists in the world of the incapables.”
Meaning – Anything is possible if you put your mind toward it.

“In a scheduled war, no soldiers will die.”
Meaning – You’ve been warned so do not complain about the consecuences.

“In the living room a lady, a whore in bed.”
Meaning – A lady in public and a freak in the bedroom.
Note : (Proverb of advice for brides to be)

“In land of blind people a one-eyed person is king”
Meaning – One eye will make you king so long as others are blind. (or) The value of your capacities is relative, and depends on the context. (or) Usually used for making vain people to come back to reality.

Popular Spanish Proverbs

“It’s easier to see the straw in someone else than the beam in oneself ”
Meaning – Normally you see defects on other people easier than in yourself.

“(He/She) went looking for wool and came back shorn.”
Meaning – If you go for something it might end up biting you (or) you woo someone but end up heartbroken. (or) you try to cheat someone but get cheated yourself. (or) Chasing glamour will get you fleeced. (or) All that glitters isn’t gold.

“A scalded cat flees from cold water.”
Note : Equivalent English proverb: Once bitten, twice shy.”

“Divide and conquer.”

“Two tits are mightier than two wagons.”
Meaning – The ability of women to get things in their favor due to their beauty and sexuality.

“Where there is room for two there is room for three.”

“Where there was fire, ashes remain.”
Meaning – You’ll always see the consequences of what you’ve done. (or) In a context of a romantic relationship, since it was so hot, intense or strong, the feelings will linger for a long time.

“Where they give things, they can take them too.”
Meaning – Sentence used as a threat when some one wants to pay somebody back.

“Hares jump where they are least expected.”
Meaning – People that you think are predictable sometimes surprise you by their actions. (or) Don’t underestimate a person/situation.

“God makes them and they look for each other (or) God raises them and they meet each other’
Note : English equivalent: “Birds of a feather flock together.”

“God punishes but not with a stick.”

Famous Spanish Proverbs

“God gives bread to whom can not bite”
Meaning – I deserve something more than him, but luck is on his side. Or, being the oportunity given to someone who can’t profit.
Note : Used to complain about your own luck in comparison to a third person.

“Where there is crying, there is a corpse.”
Meaning – When people don’t want to pay back, they are going to put a lot of excuses; for example: my aunt died, my car broke down, my dog had surgery, I just paid the rent, my house burned down … they just don’t want to pay back.

: When you don’t know where to go, or to find an answer, pay attention closely to the similar circumstances.

“The lazy person works twice.”
Meaning – He has to re-do his work, since the lazily done work will not be useful.
Note : Equivalent English proverb: Haste makes waste.

“The devil’s wise because he’s a devil, but wiser still because he’s old.”
Meaning – Don’t underestimate experience.

“The cripple blames the cobblestones.”
Meaning – A person will blame his misfortune on circumstances or other people rather than accept that he is to blame.

“The cowl does not make the friar.”
Note : Equivalent English proverb: Don’t judge the book by its cover.
Clothes don’t make the man.
“The farmer’s dog (that neither eats, nor lets his master eat).”
Note : Equivalent English proverb: “The dog in the manger”.

“He who serves two masters, with one of them loses face.”
Meaning – You can’t do two things at once and expect to do them both equally good.

“He who does not listen to advice does not reach old age.”
Meaning – Listen to advice if you want to progress and prevent damages.

Amazing Spanish Proverbs

“He who does not have of Inga, has of Mandinga.”
Meaning – Inga is a last name with Incan origins and Mandinga is an African last name. It means that no matter who you are, we all have the same roots from one or another.

“He who keeps quiet, grants/consents.”
Meaning – Those who keep quiet after getting accused, usually admit guilt with their silence. Also used to imply that people that are asked something, or are part of the group of the asker, and remain quiet are silently accepting.

“He who rises early gathers clear water / eats choice food.”
Meaning – First come, first served.
Note : Equivalent English Proverb: Early bird gets the worm.”

“Walk safe and slow to go far and well.”
Note : Equivalent English Proverb: Slow and steady wins the race.

“He who wants to know it all… wants to tell it all.”

Awesome Spanish Proverbs

“Who looks for something will find it”

“Anyone who wants fish should go get his/her butt wet.”
Meaning – If you want something, get it yourself.

“Who knows knows”
Meaning – Respect the expertise.

“He who doesn’t scheme, doesn’t get ahead. OR If you don’t scheme, you don’t get ahead.”
Meaning – Usually used as a justification for illegal or questionable activities.

“Wasted time is cried for by saints.”
Meaning – Time is money / Be productive

“In April, it rains a lot.”

“In a shut mouth, flies cannot get in”
Meaning – Sometimes silence is the best option.
Note : Equivalent English proverb: Silence is golden.

“Cats always fall in their paws

“Don’t blame the pig, blame the one who scratches his back. (or) Don’t blame the pig, blame those who feed it.”
Meaning – Bad things’ blame goes to the ones who allowed them besides the ones who actually do them.

“The chicken (hen) above shits on the chicken below.”
Meaning – The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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