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5 Meaningful Uyghur Proverbs & Sayings

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Famous Uyghur Proverbs

“So what if money is scarce, we ourselves can still be elegant.”
Note : (Even in dire straits there is no reason to become bitter and respectful)

“Before going in, think of how you will go out.”

“If you spit skywards, it’ll end up on your face.”
Note : (About arrogance or disrespect)

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“Had the customers eyes, the butchers would die from hunger.”
Note : (No trade or business is comlpetely honest)

“The mullah who has no donkey has peaceful ears,”

: (One can have peace and quite only if one has nothing, therefore it’s best to put up with some inconveniences for the sake of progress)

“The dog barks (but) the caravan moves on.”
Note : (One should go on doing what one thinks is right paying no attention to those who criticize or accuse them)

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