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10 Famous Klingon Proverbs & Sayings

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Best Klingon Proverbs

“After having had to much of the kheer (a type of dessert) the brahmin’s wife says that the kheer smells rancid.”
Meaning – Criticising something after one has made full use of it.

“When his self-interests are involved he is more fluid than water.”
Meaning – Describes an opportunistic person.

“All there was to eat at home was Pinau (a kind of vegetable), I went the forest all i could find was the same to break this monotony I went to my Uncle’s house and he started cooking a 12 hand long Pinau”
Meaning – You can’t escape Fate no matter where you go.

“When the crop shall catch fire everyone shall notice.”
Meaning – Big events need no publicity.

“A person with a bitter tongue often stays hungry.”

– Straight forwardness does not please anyone.

“The King’s tax is vigorous fever”
Meaning – You can’t evade taxes very easily.

“One who has been bitten by a snake is afraid of even a rope.”

“The drowning Jogi (Holyman) is blessing others.”
Meaning – You cannot help others if you are in need of help yourself

“Even the most skillful climbers fall and the most skillful swimmers drown.”
Meaning – Overconfidence never pays.

“When everyone was using his physical strength (to climb the mountain) all i had was my stick”
Meaning – To make great effort when there is absence of natural ability.

“Either be my wife or i’ll disfigure your face.”
Meaning – A situation in which each choice is as unappealing as the other.

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